Shirati Hospital, Tanzania

January 28th, 2011 by kathleen Leave a reply »

Our current project came about as a result of our founder Carol Lalonde and her husband Jean-Guy, traveling to the village of Shirati, Tanzania.  What they found there was disheartening.  Presently, the hospital receives less than half of its water needs to manage all of the hospital’s facilities.  It is not uncommon for the hospital to run out of water, resulting in maintenance workers having to get water from the lake which is 4 kilometres away.

A hospital is unable to run without a stable, permanent water source and the problem is a concerning public health issue.  A secure source of water is imperative for a hospital the size of Shirati KMT Hospital that services such a large number of community members.

It is our hope that through fundraising and your donations, we will be able to provide this community with a safe, reliable water system.


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